Library Board Meeting

2022-01-18 14:06:07

Location: the library 



Mitchellville Public Library Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

205 Center Avenue North, Mitchellville, Iowa 50169

Monday, January 31, 2022, @ 6:30pm at the Mitchellville Public Library

(ADA Compliance: Please inform staff if you require special accommodations)

Please post at 4 locations

1. Call to Order:

2. Roll Call: Present:


Also Present:

3. Agenda: Approval of Agenda

4. Public Audience: (Please limit to 3 minutes/no board action/response)

5. City Administrator: Tammi Dillavou

6. City Liaison: Brad Cowman

7. Library Minutes: Approve December 28, 2021, and January 9, 2022 meeting minutes

8. City Financial: Accept and File the City December Library Financial Report

9. Monthly Bills: Approve the January library bills

10. Library Statistics: Accept and File December Stats Report

11. Director’s Report: Accept and File January Directors’ Report

12. Financial Reports needed at this meeting:

A. Update of Grant History if needed

B. Detail of Grants/Donations with Balances Remaining

C. January Monies Paid to City

D. Copy of Community Calendar and estimated cost of a mailing

13. Unfinished Business:

A. Discuss the change in the protocol on closures

B. Physical and flow set up for BOT meetings

C. Discuss the second (December 23) Directors’ Report regarding financial reports

D. Brief explanation of how the library finances work for a public audience

E. Explanation of the can/bottle redemption program for a public audience

F. Explanation of change in donations to “The Redman Giving Tree” & “Community Shares”

G. Iowa Public Information Board Decision

H. State Report Allsup signed September 27 and asked for a copy,

2nd request October 12 and received a copy from Heather November 28.

14. New Business:

A. Set date for Heather evaluation- March 28

B. January BOT Training:

1. Change in Bylaws to add a policy on public comment at meetings

2. Possible change to bylaws to add a statement on BOT education

C. February BOT Training: Boardroom Series: The Art and the Science of the Board Mtg.

D. Make Board agenda and packets available for public inspection for 1-6 months in a well-displayed location.

15. Public Audience: (Please limit to 3 minutes/no board action/response)

16. Liaison/City Administrator Comments:

16. Director’s Comments:

17. Trustee Comments:

18. Reminders:

19. Adjournment:

Next Regular Meeting: Monday, February 28, 2022 @ 6:30pm

Schedule Subject to Change up to 24 Hours Prior to Meeting