Homebound Delivery Guidelines

Homebound Delivery Guidelines and a link to the application form.

Objective: To provide a mechanism whereby Mitchellville Public Library patrons who are physically unable to visit the Library will have the means to have library materials delivered to them at home.


A copy of our publicity flyer is here for your convenience. 

Program participants must live within Mitchellville City Limits or a two mile radius of city limits.

Patrons requesting to be in the program must submit an application form to the Library, the form must include the reason the patron is requesting homebound service.

The director and / or designated staff member(s) will review all applications and have the final decision which patrons will fill the slots available. The Library can request a participant in the program file a new application to verify the patron still qualifies to participate in homebound service.

All participants chosen will have their library card kept at the library for the entire duration of individual’s participation in the program.

  1. All borrowing and delivery will be on Friday mornings, unless otherwise arranged at least two days in advance. All deliveries and pickups will be in Mitchellville Public Library book bags.
  2. Materials will be delivered to the door, no inside deliveries will be made. It is required that someone be at home that can receive the delivery.
  3. Materials that have been borrowed should be ready to be given to the library staff member on Friday mornings.
  4. Materials will be assigned their standard due date, with one renewal available over the phone on request.
  5. Participants may borrow up to 10 items per delivery. Items may include books, audio books on CD, or two seven day DVD’s. No new DVD’s will be included in this service.
  6. Participants also have the option to borrow one mini iPad for one week as part of their 10 items, which may be renewed once. The mini iPads will have preloaded audio books. 
  7. Homebound patrons are responsible for all costs associated with damage or loss of library items, including mini iPads. Library book bags cannot be left unattended outside of house.

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